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Where we are dedicated to utilizing the benefits of organic ingredients to create products that promote both safety and effectiveness in dental health and hygiene. Our commitment lies in offering a diverse selection of 100% all-natural toothpaste, exceptional mouthwash formulations, and teeth-whitening solutions that contribute to the attainment of a vibrant and healthy smile.

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Try our 100% natural, fluoride-free, organic oil-pulling toothpaste to safely whiten your teeth and get rid of bad breath. Experience a clean, healthy mouth with the power of organic oils.

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The brightest smile with the safest product.

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  • Organic Product

    Organic products prioritize sustainability and ethics.

  • No Animal Testing

    We never test our products on animals.

  • Sustainability

    Our signature shipping boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Authorized Retailer

    We are an authorized retailer for all the products we carry.

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All natural products that really work

Our formulations have proven efficacy, contain safe, organic ingredients that are 100% cruelty free.

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  • "Absolutely LOVED my items!! My whole household is using them now! The oil pulling toothpaste really works instantly and my mouth felt fresh all day even after I ate. I would recommend this brand to anyone and also amazing customer service!"

    - Dess Victoria

  • "Sheer Husbandry’s toothpaste formula has been life changing for me. I’ll never go back to the over processed, unnecessary toxic ingredients of a store bought toothpaste. "

    - Lorin Johnson

  • "I have been using dentrifice to brush my teeth for a year now and love it. So much so that I travel with mine. My dentist is surprised that they rarely need to spend much time on my cleanings. Kudos to this great product! Love it and have gifted and told family and friends about it."

    - Mark Hunter

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