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"What made yall want to sell toothpaste?"

Well, let's start with Jeremy(Lucky), a young farmer from East Texas. The husband and father of 3 began perfecting this toothpaste when his son was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016. Children with Leukemia are more susceptible to dental caries, so Levi needed a layer of protection traditional toothpaste just could not provide. That's when the serious research and testing began.

In 2019, Lucky bought his first tractor and in 2020, the clutch went out. He took out another loan to repair it, only to have it go out again less than 6 months later-and the manufacturer told him that's his problem, not theirs. His son's medical bills were piling up. Crops couldn't be harvested, and Jeremy had to do something to come upwith the monthly payments on his broke down tractor. His plans to provide for his family and his faith were failing him.

Levi was counting on him. Ruth was counting on him. Our grandparents on the farm in Carthage Texas that can no longer endure the long days and hard work the farm requires, they were counting on us.

Carlos was in Dallas feeling his share of life experiences, mixed with COVID consequences. 2020, his limousine business tanked due to the painful economic residuals of the pandemic. Military injuries started riddling his body and his shoulders suffered tears that limited range. The family savings were running low. Vehicles needed major repairs. With his young son graduating high school in a couple of years, something had to be done. He was at his wits end and he couldn’t make ends meet. His hope needed help and so did his faith.

The two brothers decided to sell this all-natural toothpaste Jeremy made for the family to help relieve some of the financial pressures. He began perfecting it over 15 years ago and it worked great. It was pure, and it kept the children's teeth strong, breath fresh, and teeth cavity free. The toothpaste made people happy, left them smiling and it reminded the two brothers that no matter how helpless things may seem, you can still put a smile on someone's face.

Now, that's all they want to do. Provide a high-quality, all-natural product that works, share a good laugh and an encouraging word to put a smile on their customers’ faces. The brothers have every intention of making the whole world smile, one person at a time. Think Outside the Tube.

  • leukemia warrior
  • All Natural Toothpaste For bad breath | Teeth whitening| sheeralternatives
  • All Natural Toothpaste For bad breath | Teeth whitening| sheeralternatives
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