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Organic Oil-Pulling Oil

Organic Oil-Pulling Oil

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Introducing our organic oil-pulling oil, a potent blend of natural ingredients crafted to enhance oral health. Our exclusive mix of oil-pulling oil includes clove, coconut, and peppermint oils to offer a revitalizing and refreshing experience.

A study found that oil pulling with coconut oil proved as effective as chlorhexidine, a prescribed mouthwash, in reducing Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria associated with tooth decay. Oil pulling originated over 3,000 years ago as an ancient Ayurvedic gargling practice. These personalized treatments were used to address dosha imbalances, the three elements determining overall health.

Traditionally, gargling with sesame or sunflower oil, known as kavala graha and gandusha, was recommended in Ayurveda for oral inflammation, dryness, and other mouth-related issues. Specific treatments were suggested for headaches, hormonal imbalances, congestion, and various other conditions.

Key Features:

Crafted from organic ingredients

Combination of clove, coconut, and peppermint oils

Enhances oral health

Delivers a refreshing taste

Our product is ideal for individuals seeking a natural approach to improve their oral hygiene routine. The blend of oils aids in eliminating mouth toxins, leaving you with a fresh and clean sensation.

With its user-friendly design, simply swish the mouthwash twice a week for 15 minutes before spitting it out. Incorporate this oil into your oral care regimen for optimal results.

Elevate your oral hygiene with our organic oil-pulling oil today!

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